College Credit Plus

Types of Classes

UT Offers Different Learners Different Ways to Learn

UT offers several options in the College Credit Plus Program, so students can take courses that best suit their schedule and learning preference. All options meet the same rigid learning objectives and rigors of a college course but they have been created to maximize ease and efficiency of course delivery in a way that interests and engages the student. 

College Credit Plus Class Types

100% Online

Synchronous (set day and time) - interaction via real-time interactive video and asynchronous online content delivery.

Online activities will include: videos, reading assignments, threaded discussion, written assignments and group projects. Online interactive portion is held on a specific day of the week at a specific time.

Asynchronous (Anytime. Anywhere.)– Involves online content delivery and interaction.

Online activities include: videos, reading assignments, threaded discussions, written assignments, group projects and tests. This type of online course maximizes scheduling flexibility.


This kind of class — also known as a flipped classroom — provides the convenience of online learning and combines it with the value of personal interaction. Students complete much of their reading and learning using online technology, such as watching videos and posting on the class message board. Classroom time is focused on discussions, group projects and assignment reviews.

On UT campus – UT faculty member develops and delivers synchronous on campus activities and asynchronous online content delivery. This modality creates an opportunity to experience campus with scheduling flexibility. The student takes part in weekly campus visits that may include: special events in Doermann Theatre, the Planetarium, Toledo Museum of Art, the Zoo, labs and tests and exams

Online Activities may include: videos and reading assignments, threaded discussions/written assignments and group projects

In the Classroom

Courses held on campus of UT or the high school

On UT campus - All classes are held on campus in classrooms with full-time college students at published scheduled times. University faculty members are primary instructors. Students are required to travel to and from UT and follow the UT semester schedule.

On high school campus - The students’ classes are held during the high school’s scheduled class times with their classmates. Certified high school teachers are primary instructors and assigned a University mentor with whom they collaborate. Students follow high school schedule.


Last Updated: 12/8/16