College Credit Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may take advantage of the College Credit Plus program?
Any authorized student enrolled in Ohio Public Schools, in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 may choose to participate in any of the courses and delivery systems for which they qualify and if they meet program requirements.  Any Ohio resident, nonpublic student in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 may choose to participate if the nonpublic school is a participant in the program.      

Who pays the College Credit Plus program costs of a public student attending a College Credit Plus program institution?
The student receives both high school and college credit at no charge to the student.  This includes the cost of the course and all instructional materials, except for supplies that are specific to that course and not applicable to others.  This is being funded by the state of Ohio.

If a non-public student participates in the College Credit Plus program, who is responsible for the cost?
There is a specified sum of money from the state to pay for nonpublic student participation in this program. 

The University of Toledo

Will The University of Toledo send final grades from courses taken to the high schools at the end of each semester?
Yes. By state law, UT is required to send final grades for each student taught by a University faculty member to their high school at the end of each semester.      

Can students take summer classes through the College Credit Plus program?

Yes. CCP courses are available in the summer, fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions are shorter in terms of number of weeks and the full semester course is taught during that period.  The first summer session begins in the middle of May and may conflict with the high school students coursework and exams being taken at the end of the year.

If a student completes a class, and receives a failing grade, who pays for the class?  
Students who receive a failing grade in a class can be billed for the published cost of that class by their high school district (if a public school student) or the State of Ohio (if a non-public school student).

Will College Credit Plus program pay for room and board at The University of Toledo?
No. Only those costs for tuition, textbooks, and material directly related to the course are covered through this program.

Will The University of Toledo send a mid-term grade to the student?
No. UT does not send out mid-term grades. If a student desires to know their grade at anytime during the semester, they must contact the instructor or professor.

Can a student take night classes or online classes?
Yes. Students who meet the criteria necessary to participate are not limited to the hours of the official school day for scheduling college. A number of general education courses have been created in a variety of modalities, including blended and one hundred percent online to make it as convenient and accessible as possible. 

Are College Credit Plus program students eligible for financial aid?
No. Students participating in the program are not eligible for additional financial support.                  

Who is responsible for intervention if a student fails a college course being taken for college credit?
Students participating in College Credit Plus program, together with their parents, must be aware of, and understand the social and academic consequences of participation. The home school district or University may (but is not required) to provide any necessary intervention with the student.  The University has also created the position of Success Coaches to help ensure the student has a successful and fulfilling college experience.

What happens when a student transfers into a new high school district after the March 30 deadline?
The district superintendent has the authority to allow students, on an individual basis, to participate in the program after March 30.                        

Are students who are "Home Schooled" eligible for College Credit Plus program?
Students who are home schooled should contact the Area 3 State Coordinator's Office at 419.523.5088 to determine eligibility.                          

Can a student who is enrolled in College Credit Plus program on a full-time basis participate in high school athletics?
Yes. As long as the student is meeting state and local scholastic requirements, the student may participate in high school athletics.                                           

Who owns the textbooks provided for the students?
The high school that the student is attending owns the textbooks.

Last Updated: 7/5/16