College Credit Plus

Orientation & Important Information

The University of Toledo

All Campus College Credit Plus students are required to attend an in-person orientation program on campus or participate in an online orientation.  Your Success Coach will have information on both of these orientation offerings.

ID (Rocket Card): The ID Center is located in the lower level of the Student Union. There will be a $35 fee for the ID card. This fee is NOT covered by the College Credit Plus program and is the student’s responsibility. This fee will automatically be applied to your student account. The ID Center can be contacted at 419.530.5842/5843.

Failing grade: If students receive a grade of “F” the high school (public school students) or state of Ohio (private school students) has the right to bill students for tuition reimbursement.

Selective Service: Males must register for selective service on their 18th birthday. If UT does not have verification that you are registered for selective service, you will be billed out-of-state fees for all classes you have taken as a dual credit student. You can register for selective service through your area post office or through the Internet at: 

Parking Areas: 

  • White stripes – students
  • Yellow stripes faculty/staff
  • Blue stripes – handicapped parking only               

Parking Permits: All students have the option of purchasing a parking permit through the myUT web portal ( Permits are $125 per semester, and are NOT covered by The College Credit Plus program; therefore, payment is the responsibility of the student. If you receive a parking ticket, you have the right to appeal. To appeal a fine, visit the Transportation Center. To pay a parking ticket, go to the Payment Depository box next to the Treasurer’s Office in Rocket Hall. Dual credit students are issued “K” permits, and can park in lot 2, 3, 4, 5, 18, and 20.

Class load at UT and your high school: Dual credit students are limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester. Students are responsible to check with their high school after registering for classes at UT. If a student’s schedule is adjusted at UT, additional class time may be required at the student’s high school. Athletes must maintain a course load that will meet athletic eligibility at their high school. 

Scholarships: Dual credit students who intend to enroll at The University of Toledo upon high school graduation must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by December 1 of their senior year. ACT or SAT scores are required to be considered for all UT scholarships and must be submitted by December 1.

GPA requirements for continuation in the College Credit Plus program: Students must maintain a semester 2.00 grade point average to remain active in the program. There are no exceptions to this policy and it will be strictly enforced. Those students with less than a 2.00 semester GPA will be notified by letter that they no longer qualify to remain in the College Credit Plus program at UT. A letter will also be sent to their high school guidance counselor.

Registration holds: Registration holds are put on student accounts for the following reasons: parking tickets; library fines; lab breakage; and overdue accounts. Transcripts will not be sent to your high school if a registration hold is on your account. This could affect your graduation. It is imperative that any holds be cleared from your account as soon as possible. Registration holds will also keep a student from registering for the next term. 

Grades: College Credit Plus program class grades become a part of your high school and college transcripts.

Placement tests: Placement tests are required for chemistry, math, and foreign language courses. Please see your Success Coach for more information on placement testing. 

Honors classes: Dual credit students are not permitted to take Honors courses. 

Prerequisites: Dual credit students are expected to take freshman level classes at UT. Most freshman level classes will have a four digit number beginning with a 1 or 2. Examples are: ENGL 1110 - English Composition I, MATH 1320 - College Algebra and COMM 2600 - Public Speaking. You must meet the prerequisite of any class for which you plan to register.

Remedial classes: Dual credit students are not permitted to take remedial or developmental courses. Classes must be in the 1000 level or higher. 

Class attendance: Students are required to attend all class sessions. Professors should be contacted if you are going to miss a class. If your absence will be extended, contact your Success Coach as well as your professor. Keep in mind that if your high school is not in session because of conferences, fog/snow days, spring break, etc., The University of Toledo will still be open. You are expected to attend your UT classes on those days.

Registration: Dual credit students MAY NOT use the “myUT web portal” without the specific approval of your Success Coach. All class registrations, add/drops, and withdrawals must take place in the office of the Success Coach.

Use of UT facilities: All dual credit students have the right to use any of the facilities that other UT students use. Examples: Student Recreation Center, library, computer labs, and attending athletic events. Your student ID is required to use any of these services.  

Learning Enhancement Center:  Provides free tutoring for various subjects.  As a learning center, our mission is to provide all University of Toledo students with accessible, professional academic support services that enhance success and retention.  Tutoring, supplemental instruction and academic workshops are available.

Located in the Rathbun Cove in the lower level of the Carlson Library, B0200

Phone: 419.530.2176 

Visit LEC Web page for hours and additional information.

Writing Center: Staff members work with current UT dual credit, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff on a variety of writing projects in any subject. Experienced, polished writers read, review, and respond to papers in order to assist other writers individually at any stage of academic or personal writing. Writers meet with Writing Center tutors in order to generate ideas, organize notes and thoughts, and receive feedback on drafts or completed papers.  Located in the Carlson Library, lower level (Appointment required Monday-Thursday; walk-ins on Friday)

Hours:   Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone:   419-530-2176

Visit Writing Center Web page for additional information

Grade cards: UT does not send out grade reports. Grades can be viewed on the myUT web portal. Do not call your Success Coach for your grades. It is UT’s policy not to give grades out over the phone. Students can stop in the YouCollege office located in Rocket Hall, suite 1830 and, with proper identification, have a copy of their grades printed.

Class schedule: Leave a copy of your class schedule at home in case of an emergency. If your family needs to contact you while in class, they can do so by calling Campus Police at 419.530.2600.

Transcript requests: Students may obtain transcripts or have transcripts sent to other institutions by visiting Rocket Solution Central. There is no charge to obtain transcripts or to have them sent to other institutions. For more information go to:

Financial aid: Dual credit students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid while attending The University of Toledo under this program.

Withdrawing from the College Credit Plus program: If, for any reason, you withdraw from the program and you have received your books, they must be returned to your high school.

Directory Information: All students can control the release of this information by logging onto the myUT-web portal at:   Follow appropriate sub links to your “personal information page.” You will have the choice to select either setting: 1) No restriction or 2) Do not release outside the University. The initial default setting in the system is set to “No restriction.”

Legal Services: All students are automatically assessed a $10 fee per semester for access to legal services if necessary. Students are responsible for this fee unless they waive it through the myUT portal.

Health Insurance: All students registered for six or more credit hours are automatically enrolled in the university’s health insurance plan. You may waive it by going to the “myUT web portal” and following the prompts to enter your own health insurance information. Additional information can be found at:

Bills: UT does not send out bills. Students must check their account balance through the myUT portal, under “My Account”. You are responsible for your ID ($35), your parking permit if you order one ($125 per semester), and the legal service fee if you do not waive it ($10). It is important that you pay your bill by the due date to avoid late payment fees.

UTAD account: To activate your UTAD account go to: and enter your Rocket ID number and your birth date (format: MM/DD/YYYY). Your myUT username and Rocket number (student ID number) will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. It is very important that you write down your myUT username and Rocket number, and remember your password! If you have questions about setting up your UTAD account, please contact 419.530.2400.

myUT portal: You must have activated your UTAD account to access this site. To access the myUT portal go to: With access to the myUT portal you can register for classes, view your student account information, waive health insurance, adjust your schedule, view grades, and more.

Program Restrictions: Dual credit students are restricted from participating in most UT student organizations, student activities, Greek Life, and collegiate athletics. The only exceptions are admittance to University sports events or use of the University Recreation Center. Students may take advantage of academically related services and facilities on campus such as the Learning Enhancement Center, Writing Center, University Libraries and Career Services. Students may also participate in high school athletics, as long as the student meets the requirements of his/her school district.

Because the College Credit Plus program is a state-sponsored program, students are not permitted to take Religion courses.

In addition, certain courses may contain adult-themed content not suitable for students under 18. ANTH 2100 is one such course, and dual credit students are not permitted to enroll for this course.

Dual credit students are subject to The University of Toledo’s student conduct and discipline system. Further information may be found in The University of Toledo’s Student Handbook at:

Student Electronic Signature on Web for Students:  Important Information regarding electronic signatures

I acknowledge that inserting my secured personal information below represents my signature and that any activity that I conduct through this web site after inserting my personal information indicates my agreement to the applicable terms, including my agreement to be financially responsible for payment of all tuition, costs and fees that are added to my student account. I further agree to pay any fees, fines, or penalties that are added to my student account, which are related to my attendance at The University of Toledo during this period, including not limited to: parking fees or fines, legal services, telephone services, medical expenses, health insurance or other University charges. I understand that failure to pay by the appropriate due date may result in the University filing an unfavorable report with credit bureaus or forwarding my account to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection.

If you have any questions concerning the College Credit Plus Program at The University of Toledo contact Mr. John Adams at or 419.530.2676, or Ms. Kari Dilworth at and Ms. Teri Shehan at or by phone at 419.530.1250.

Last Updated: 6/9/16