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Tuition and Scholarships 2016-2017


2016-2017 tuition and Expenses*

Ohio Resident Expenses* Semester Year
Tuition $4,026 $8,052
General Fee $595 $1,190
Subtotal $4,621 $9,242
Room and Board $5,047 $10,094
Total $9,668 $19,336
Non-Ohio Resident** Semester Year
Tuition + Surcharge $8,695 $17,390
General Fee $595 $1,190
Subtotal $9,290 $18,580
Room and Board $5,047 $10,094
Total $14,337 $28,674

* Rates are subject to change for the 2017-18 academic year and may not be the same for subsequent years. Residents of Monroe Co., Mich., pay Ohio resident rates. Tuition and general fees are for 12-18 semester hours. This does not include additional costs such as books, lab/college/program fees, parking and insurance premiums. Room and board rates are based on Standard Double Room rates and a Block 50 Meal Plan. Fees are subject to change at any time.

** Special scholarships are available to assist out-of-state students with the out-of-state surcharge. Click here for details.

How can you get as many scholarships and aid as possible?

  1. Most Admission scholarships- just apply to UT to be eligible!
  2. File FAFSA.
  3. Check out other scholarship opportunities at UT and in your home town.
Last Updated: 9/7/17