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The University of Toledo is placing the Scholarly Savings Account on hold as we evaluate its place in our new scholarship program. We are no longer accepting new school districts into the program but if you had already enrolled, either as a student or as a district administrator, please read on for program details.

The University will honor our commitments to all students already enrolled in the Scholarly Savings Account program, ensuring the full $10,000 to be awarded over four years. The requirements for the scholarship stay the same: students must graduate with a 3.0 GPA, be admissible to The University of Toledo, be enrolled full-time, and meet scholarship renewal criteria. The scholarship will continue to pay out in $2,500 increments each year through one of the existing scholarship programs such as the Honors Award, Regents Award, Trustee Award, Deans Award, and Out-of-State Award.

For questions regarding the Scholarly Savings Account program or to submit updated information regarding students, please contact us at

For more information about UT's new scholarship program, please visit

Click here to see a list of school districts participating in the SSA program.

Last Updated: 6/9/16