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The Out-of-State Award assists with the out-of-state surcharge and recognizes outstanding students who are citizens from outside of Ohio and Monroe County, MI. UT is committed to making college affordable and rewarding students for their hard work in high school.

Out-of-State Scholarship

Out-of-State Award 

  • Award: $9,338 per year (for first-time freshman for Fall 2017)

  • Minimum Academic Requirements (One of the following):

    • 2.75 cumulative high school GPA or

    • 21 ACT/1070 SAT and at least a 2.3 cumulative high school GPA.

    This four-year, renewable award assists with UT's out-of-state surcharge ($9,338) for students outside of Ohio and Monroe County, Mich., who are admissible to the University and meet the minimum academic requirements of at least a 2.75 cumulative high school GPA or 21 ACT (1070 on the new SAT) and at least a 2.3 cumulative high school GPA.                

    Submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available to apply for additional financial assistance.               

    Renewal criteria includes maintaining a 2.75 cumulative GPA and earning 27 UT credit hours within two semesters of the academic year.  For students who do not meet these requirements, UT maintains an appeal process detailed in the full terms and conditions. 

    For full terms and conditions, click here.

Last Updated: 12/30/16