College of Arts and Letters

Instructional, Classroom, and Research Computing (ICRC)

2012 Summary of Acquisitions and Achievements

I.  Instructional Lab Refreshes & New Labs 

LLSS/ICRC refreshes approximately one-third of the instructional lab computer systems each year.  In 2012 over 178 computer systems were refreshed in five labs, and one new lab was added.

  • (12) XPS Desktop computers for GEPL GISAG lab 
  • (20) Apple MacBook Pro laptops for Communication 
  • (26) Dell D6420 laptops for Sociology lab 
  • (27) Dell Precision 4600 laptops for Economics lab
  • (21) iMac’s for Communication lab 
  • (72) Dell D6420 laptops for English labs 

II.  Classroom and Instructional Lab Updates/Renovations  

LLSS/ICRC provides full service and support for all of the instructional computer labs and classrooms.  In 2012 upgrades and renovations provided state-of-the-art mediation throughout the college.

  • Communication -- Equipment for public presentation classroom 
  • College-wide classrooms -- Instructor workstation upgrades  
  • Economics – UH4170 High definition/wide screen projector and screen
  • Geography and Planning – 80" LED TV for SM3040
  • Psychology -- SmartBoard w/Apple Mac Mini for UH 6400
  • Sociology -- Computer tables, chairs, and wire management, minor cosmetic renovations, instructors lectern
  • Sociology – High definition/wide screen projector, screen, Elmo, and sound -- UH 4380
  • Women and Gender Studies classrooms – (1) 60" LED flat panel TV, (1) 70" LED flat panel TV

III.  Special Requests  

Each fall and spring the College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences receives requests for instructional equipment aside from of the teaching labs refreshes mentioned above.  These requests are for specialized, discipline specific instructional equipment and software.  The LLSS/ICRC staff provides consulting, specifications, acquisition, installation, and full support for all discipline specific instructional equipment and software acquired each fall and spring, referred to as "Special Requests".

  • Communication -- Cameras and equipment for Digital Media 
  • Communication – iMacs for non-linear editing
  • Communication – iPads for News Writing
  • English -- (10) iPads and stylus’ 
  • Foreign Languages – (20) iPads 16GB/iPods 
  • Psychology -- Monitoring and recording equipment for the department's clinic 
  • Psychology -- Monitoring and recording equipment for the department's anxiety clinic

IV.  Software Renewals and Acquisitions

LLSS/ICRC provides support for over 14 discipline specific software packages used for instruction in the college.  

  • Photoshop
  • MediaLab
  • SuperLab
  • Final Cut Pro
  • KaleidaGraph
  • Citrix Xen App
  • AMOS
  • TransCAD
  • ESRI
  • Photoshop
  • OhioView
  • Psychdata
  • SONA
Last Updated: 8/8/17