Political Science and Public Administration

Going to Graduate School

Itis never too soon to start planning for graduate school, so you need to know that:

A GPA of at least 2.70 is required by many graduate schools for “regular” admission, but graduate study may be difficult for anyone below the fiftieth percentile – a grade point average of about 3.00.

A few elite universities are strong in all areas of political science, but most vary in their areas of excellence.   Speak with a member of our faculty who teaches in the areas that most interest you about the best graduate programs for you.

Our own department offers both the Master of Arts and Master of Public Administration degrees.

You needn’t pursue graduate work in the same area as your undergraduate major, but you should have been successful in at least five courses in the new discipline that you choose to pursue.

Graduate tuition is nearly twice as expensive as undergraduate tuition, but assistantships that waive tuition and pay a stipend are more common that you might think.

Apply to at least five schools between early November and mid-February.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is essential for both admission and financial aid.

The GRE is crucial, so begin by visiting the GRE website for information about the examination itself, a sample test, and other important information.  Next, call UT’s computer-based testing lab, Scott Park campus, ASC 120, 419.530.3266 to schedule a specific examination time.  Exams are given in both mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday, and occasionally on Saturday mornings as well.  You may need to schedule your exam as much as a month in advance.

Last Updated: 8/8/17