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Book Cover Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION: Energy in the Future: Peabody Coal Co., Exxon Corporation, the Edison Electric Institute, Department of Energy , EIA statistics , the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ), the International Energy Agency in Paris.

The Policy Approach:  The APSA Section, SENRA and resources

Truths and Myths: Price from the New York Mercantile Exchange . Oil as the problem: OPEC , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait . Primacy of politics: Senate and House committees. National security: Desert Storm and oil in Iraq . The Greenhouse effect. 

The Conceptual Scheme:

Chapter 2: KING COAL:  The United Mine Workers and its history . The Battle of Matewan , the Turn of the Century , the Molly Maguires , and the Ludlow Massacre. Franklin D. Roosevelt from Hyde Park and Geocities . Pittsburgh and the Centralia fire. 

The Peabody Coal Co., the Arch Coal Co., the Wyodak Co., the Sierra Club , and the NRDC .
US Office of  Surface Mining and state agencies in West Virginia , Pennsylvania and Montana , MSHA , EPA , EIA statistics . Facts from Kentucky and Wyoming . Acid rain information from EPA and Canada .

Chapter 3: OIL: THE NEW KING: OPEC , the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Western States Petroleum Association. Spindletop in Texas. The PACE union. Exxon , BP , Shell , Mobil , General Motors , Ford , the UAW , the Federal Highway Administration. The highway construction industry. Air quality in Los Angeles . EIA statistics .

History of the petroleum industry. The Houston Petroleum Club, the Texas Railroad Commission, the Alyeska Pipeline, Jimmy Carter , the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Northern Alaska Environmental Center. Aramco in Saudi Arabia, and the DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Chapter 4: NATURAL GAS: American Gas Association, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ( FERC ), EIA statistics , and facts from Natural Gas Week . The El Paso Natural Gas Co., Columbia Energy (formerly Gas), the Colorado Interstate Co.

Chapter 5: ELECTRICITY:  Investor owned companies: Con Ed , Ohio , and Tampa . Government owned agencies:  Long Island , TVA , and Bonneville . The PJM grid. Electric cooperatives in Minnesota and Oregon . Public utility commissions in Ohio , Oregon and Wisconsin

The Enron Scandal from Time and Common Cause. The California crisis: Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric Co., the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the California PUC and its Energy Commission .

The 2003 blackout from the Washington Post and Congressional hearings

Organizations: The Edison Electric Institute, EPRI , APPA , rural electrification, the New Deal , the New York Power Authority . EIA statistics .

Chapter 6: NUCLEAR ENERGY: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( NRC ), the Department of Energy . "Nukes" at Three Mile Island, Diablo Canyon , Seabrook and Fermi . The General Electric and Westinghouse companies manufacture reactors. The Atomic  Energy Act of 1946 and the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1996 . Storage of high level waste and Yucca Mountain. EIA statistics .

Greenpeace and Critical Mass .  The story of Chernobyl from London and Minsk .

Chapter 7: THE NEW FUELS:  DOE on renewable   fuels.  The DOE Hydropower program and the Bureau of Reclamation . The Hoover and Fort Peck dams. Biofuel resources, Energy Efficiency , and Geothermal .  The US
Combined Heat and Power Association, the American Solar Energy Society and Citizens Energy Corp. in Boston. EIA statistics  

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