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Studio Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Options

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art offers three degree options to choose from - 2D Studies (drawing, painting, printmaking), 3D Studies (sculpture, metal smithing, ceramics, installations) and New Media (photography, digital arts). The BFA is designed for those interested in pursuing a career as a professional artist. It is a demanding degree program that still requires most of the same baccalaureate requirements as any other art degree, but with a much greater degree of emphasis on developing your craft.

While studying at the University of Toledo, you'll have access to the world-renowned Toledo Museum of Art. It isn't just nearby; it's adjacent to the Center for the Visual Arts, where you'll be taking most of your classes. So you can walk directly from the CVA main gallery into the Toledo Museum of Art! You’ll also have the unique opportunity to take field trips guided by Art faculty to Midwest and East Coast museums, galleries, and historical sites.

Browse our online gallery and see some of what our students have created while studying at the University of Toledo

Get know our studio faculty by seeing their work online:

Linda Ames-Bell  (Professor of Art, 2D Studies – Painting)
Christopher Burnett  (Department Chair, Associate Professor New Media Studies - Digital Art)
Tom Lingeman  (Professor of Art, 3D Studies – Sculpture)
Barbara Miner  (Head of Studio Art & Foundations, Associate Professor 2D/3D Studies – Interdisciplinary Art)
Deborah Orloff  (Photography Coordinator, Professor of Art, New Media Studies - Photography)
Arturo Rodriguez  (Associate Professor of Art 2D Studies – Printmaking)
Barry Whittaker  (Assistant Professor of Art, New Media Design Practices)

Degree Requirement Checksheets

NOTE: Degree requirements have changed for many of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Programs. New checksheets will be posted soon. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

BFA Matriculation

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Student Learning Outcomes in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

1. Aesthetic abilities: Students demonstrate the ability to create artworks with an aesthetic order that expresses their unique vision.

2. Technique and the comprehension of a medium's potential: Students demonstrate skill and craft when using tools and art/design materials within and beyond their area of concentration.

3.  Presentation/career preparedness: Students prepare artworks skillfully for both exhibition and the creation of a coherent portfolio.

4. Writing and communication skills: Students convey, interpret and summarize complex ideas effectively through both written and oral means.

5.  Research skills: Student demonstrate effective use of multiple global resources to gather information about areas of interest specific to their discipline.

Last Updated: 7/13/16