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Congratulations to Michelle Sullivan, recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Advisor Award! Michelle advises the arts students in CoCA. Thank you Michelle for all that you do for the CoCA students and faculty. Some thoughts from faculty about Michelle:

"Michelle Sullivan is the best advisor I've ever met. She has great insight on the student experience based on both her deep professional knowledge and firsthand immersion in that experience. Michelle actually takes the courses she recommends to students. I can think of no better way to support a student-centered university than to reward individuals like Michelle with this award. I trust her completely and whenever I have to advise, she is my go-to person for both information and helpful feedback. She is amazing and I hope we get to rely on her expertise for some time to come!" Dr. Mysoon Rizk - Art History

"Michelle is a friendly, student-centered adviser who is prompt, courteous, and professional.  To her colleagues she is helpful, informative and supportive; she has done so much to help with course and curriculum proposals in our department.  My job as departmental advisor would be twice as hard without her expertise and guidance.  UT is lucky to have her!  Congratulations, Michelle, for a well-deserved honor." Dr. Lee Heritage - Music

Michelle has been incredibly supportive of every recruitment event that we have done, often participating in extra events such as our Thespian conference.  She is a font of knowledge, and I often contact her to get information about new scholarships and other info.  I really can't think of anyone who deserves this more than she does! Associate Lecturer Irene Alby - Theatre

"Michelle has always been incredibly helpful - and patient - with me and my advising questions.  She always has the answer, or is quick to find it.  I believe she genuinely cares about the students, and that comes through in both her interactions with them and her advocacy for them." Dr. Jason Stumbo - Music

Last Updated: 6/24/15