Department of World Languages and Cultures

Study Abroad - International Study in Tübingen, Germany

Exchange Program between Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Federal Republic of Germany, and the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio


1986 by Axel Markert, Vice Provost of the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen and by Uta Schaub, Professor of German, Department of World Languages and Cultures, and James McComas, President, University of Toledo.


The program provides the students, faculty, and administrators of the two universities opportunities for academic and cultural exchange. It is intended that the exchange will involve students in undergraduate and graduate programs.


Students of The University of Toledo will have the opportunity to take courses of instruction at the University of Tübingen for credit toward the degrees they may be awarded from The University of Toledo. Students of the University of Tübingen shall have the same opportunity at The University of Toledo. Specifically, selected students from the University of Tübingen will pursue studies in Toledo for at least one semester and up to three terms of the academic year (including Summer Session). Students from the University of Toledo will pursue studies in Tübingen in either the Winter or Summer semester or both.

The level at which study will occur will be decided on the basis of the student's language proficiency, academic preparation, and educational objectives.


Students of the home university will be accepted for registration (matriculation) at the host university upon recommendation of the student's major advisor and the dean of their home college. To be eligible to study in Tübingen, University of Toledo students must demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in German. Proficiency is to be determined by evaluation procedures mutually acceptable to both universities. It will be assumed that students from the University of Tübingen will have adequate proficiency in English, except for students holding graduate teaching assistantships, who by Ohio law must demonstrate proficiency by test (TOEFL).

Courses of instruction for which students register shall be equivalent in content to those which they would have taken at their home university. Discussion of curricular matters will be carried out by appropriate departmental or college representatives on a regular basis through correspondence or in person by visit. Students will take appropriate measures to assure their continued affiliation with their home institution during the period of their exchange.

Each university will provide information regarding evaluation procedures for the courses completed by the exchange students. The assessment of these results will be carried out by the student's home institution.


Instructional fees for exchange students will be taken care of by the host university on the basis of mutuality. Each university will provide assistance to the students in finding suitable living accommodations. Students shall be responsible for their own room and board, books, laboratory fees, and all other expenses associated with study at the host institution. Students must have proof that they have or will have medical insurance coverage at the time of their departure for the host institution.


A limited number of scholarships will be available to University of Toledo students. A limited number of graduate assistantships will be available to students from the University of Tübingen.


The program is coordinated by Dr. Friederike Emonds, FH 2400M (419) 530-7903. 

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