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The Business Career Programs office was created to assist COBI students in securing internships during their undergraduate careers and full-time placement upon graduation. We do this by constant expansion of our employer network which has seen consistent growth each year. Our office strives to provide the necessary resources to our students so that they may conduct their own tailored job searches that fit their individual needs.

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Business Career Programs offers COBI students unique preparation and resources for the ever competitive job market:
  • Career Development classes that begin in the student's Sophomore year
  • Mock Interviews with real-life employers
  • A dedicated Career Development Instructor
  • Bi-Annual Job Fairs
  • Resume Critique Sessions
  • Etiquette Dinners & Power Networking Information Sessions
  • Dress for Success Seminars

Student testimonials

"The Business Career Programs Office has been there for me every step of the way through this process. They have offered me kind words, encouragement, and assistance through their professional development programs. I credit my offer for this position to the friendly faces in BCP. They stuck with me from preparing my resume, to helping me prep for the interview, and then shared my excitement once my offer was received. You guys rock! Thanks!" - Kristen Filzer, Root Inc.

"Business Career Programs helped me earn this internship through their hard work in putting together the job fair.  Other than that networking night, corporate sponsor speaker series, and all of the emails I receive have all been things that Business Career Programs is responsible for and these things definitely helped me get my internship."  - Jacob Clapsaddle, Fastenal

"Student internships, in my opinion, are the best way to get hands on experience in the applicable area of study.  It's one thing to learn in the classroom about different career environments, but it is much more valuable for students to have a "test trial" during an internship, Business Career Programs does a phenomenal job of spreading word of the different opportunities that are available with corporate sponsors and companies that utilize the University for job postings.  On a weekly basis students emails receive a significant amount of different opportunities from BCP; it is up to the students themselves to take advantage of these opportunities. For me specifically, BCP assisted in getting this position approved for my required Sales Internship." - Austin Petroff, Liberty Mutual

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Last Updated: 11/3/16