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Undergraduate Programs in the College of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) undergraduate curriculum includes a broad liberal arts background, a general core of business courses, and a specific area of specialization. During freshman and sophomore years, students take general education classes, as well as several basic business courses. During the sophomore year, students apply to the upper division of the program and they begin their business core and major courses during their junior year, and choose an area of specialization.

Our programs of study represent a veritable smorgasbord of offerings. You can choose to pursue one major, a major and a minor, or two majors - we offer the fiexibility for you to customize your education. The College of Business currently offers the BBA in thirteen fields. Click on each respective major to view some information and a sample course of study:

Most of the above programs also are offered as minors for students in all colleges at UT. This means you'll be taking courses in a rich, interdisciplinary environment - a combination of business students, future engineers, and budding musicians and artists. Imagine what you can learn during class discussions when everyone brings a unique persepctive.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

The information technology (IT) program is a unique program offered jointly by the College of Engineering and the College of Business and Innovation. The program features a hands-on education leading to careers in the management of the technology infrastructure of organizations of all types and sizes. The IT program specifically focuses on the technology side of information technology and emphasizes on interfacing technologies and the management of technologies. The curriculum covers the operational support and administation of diverse computing systems and the integration of existing technologies, components and products. With careful selection of electives, students completing the program can qualify for a minor in business.

Bachelor of Applied Organizational Technology (BAOT)

Associates Degrees

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