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We've talked with several Executive MBA graduates to see how the program has impacted their personal and professional lives. Each of them has found the program to be very beneficial for their personal growth, and they invite each of you to consider the program and how it can help you move to the next level.

College of Business and Innovation - MBA Commencement Ceremony

Cynthia Gravino:

Eric Benington:

Dr. Nancy Kessler - "I had never thought on a global scale before. We’re so focused in our little area here in Toledo, Ohio, and it (the program) really broadened my horizons."

Dr. David Dobrzykowski, Ph.D.
- "When you enroll in the EMBA program, I don’t believe you receive or earn a degree. I believe you earn a lifelong resource."

Brian Gobrogge
- "Working in engineering and new product development, I literally saw something and learned it in class on Friday or Saturday and was able to use it the next week at work."

Sherry Smith
- "I wasn’t there for a grade, I was there to learn, grow and develop. Looking at what I’ve done since the EMBA Program, it’s been awesome."

Last Updated: 6/9/16