The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales

About the ESSPS


The Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales will play a key role in facilitating greater interaction, stronger relationships and the exchange of ideas between students, faculty and business leaders in the field of professional sales by:

Learning (Education) – Supporting unique educational opportunities related to professional sales that actively involve engagement with the business community at the undergraduate and masters degree level as well as non-credit and,

Discovery (Research/Scholarship) – Intimately involve students and faculty with professional sales leaders in an analysis, dialogue and written publications about key issues related to sales and, 

Engagement (Service) – Fostering greater industry and university collaboration in advancing the profession and study of sales, regionally, nationally and globally.


The mission of the ESSPS is to provide high quality educational programs in sales and related areas, to enhance the world of business practice related to professional sales and to become a recognized global leader in sales learning, discovery and engagement.  ESSPS will provide a learning environment for students, faculty and business professionals that promotes shared learning, networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas about sales issues in an open and professional manner.

Target Markets: 

  • Students with an interest in professional sales as a career
  • National and global businesses with an interest in hiring students in sales
  • Local and regional businesses who will be benefited by our resources and knowledge


Weare an academic institution, not a training institute.  Our students come first and foremost and represent the single biggest value that we produce.  However, we can practice outreach to the community through our students, and by providing resources. Such resources could include sales and sales management training, referrals for resources, regional summits, and some continuing education programming. These should be seen as cutting edge, consultative, and academic in nature.

Last Updated: 1/19/17