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Recruiting at the ESSPS


BEFORE you start recruiting collegiate sales talent, it is critical that organizations:


Post Positions
In order for us to get career opportunities out to the students and alumni who are in contact with the COBI, we need organizations to setup an account and post in Handshake.  Business Career Programs (BCP) handles the Handshake job postings, job fair registration, mock interviews, and resume critiques, and can also assist with scheduling on or off campus interviews.  BCP can be reached at 419-530-5400 and

The ESSPS has access to Handshake and will follow-up with professional sales students on the sales career opportunities that are aligned and/or show promise.  The ESSPS is soon launching Memberclicks (link coming soon), so our professional sales students, alumni, partners, sponsors, and other members can be better served 24*7*365.  There will be company and individual profiles that our alumni, partners, and sponsors maintain to make sure we have the latest information on everyone and to help better connect folks to our students (students will have profiles too and will opt in/out to have their profile shared per FERPA).  It will include an interactive self-service event calendar (with registration management), job shadow contact report, development repository (internships, development programs, career lattice, etc), Sales Competition Team prep collaboration, spotlights on students, alumni, and partners, research review, and more! 

 …the university has a Career Services office as well.  That office does not specialize in business students.  Virtually all of the business students use Business Career Programs.  The university Career Services can be an appropriate supplement if you are looking for non-business students.  They can be reached at 419-530-4341 and


Establish a Feeder, Career Path, and Student Awareness – Internships 
Your company's brand will be stronger and better compete with other opportunities if an internship and career pathing can be established.  With 100% of professional sales majors doing at least one internship (required for the major) and 85% of COBI students doing an internship, it is pivotal to build your brand and pipeline.   Internships take place year round and can be full time or part time to get to the 170 hours required for academic credit. 

Build Student Awareness and Interest
Events will help you get the awareness and interest needed to identify and screen candidates for your pipeline.  BCP handles the Job Fairs, and the ESSPS handles Networking Night, Internal Sales Competition, Fall Fête, and the UT Invitational Sales Competition (national). 

The Recruiter Videos Channel can help you to enhance awareness and interest with students by communicating to them using a method they find attractive and accessible.  A 24/7 virtual career fair where sales students can view branded recruiter videos/presentations to learn more about sales careers at various organizations.  Links to online applications and web sites are provided as well as polling and question submission that can be directed to the recruiter’s contact person/email of choice.  Annual subscription.  Call 419-530-2978 or email for pricing.  

Class speaker spots are scheduled in advance based on course relevancy; Corporate Partners are encouraged to meet our students in class (Gold and higher partners are guaranteed invitations, Platinum Corporate Partners get the first look at the class schedule).


Connect with Student Organizations
Student organizations are another great way to interact with the students since they are looking for speakers and projects/cases to work on.  A list of student organizations and their leaders can be found online.  Most professional sales students are in Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), Alpha Kappa Psi (AKP), and the American Marketing Association (AMA). 


Brand Awareness and Affinity with Lower Maintenance and Higher Impact - Scholarships
Awarded to the most talented and promising students, this prestigious scholarship program will alleviate the financial burden of college for students and their families, recruit and retain top students to build the pipeline of sales professionals for participating organizations, enhance the visibility and respect of participating organizations, increase enrollments for the ESSPS/UT, and elevate the profession of selling.  


Make Confident Decisions with Pre-Screening Tools 

Role Play Channel
Make confident and educated talent recruitment decisions.  View student role plays to experience the quality, coachability, and growth.  Students do 8-9 graded role plays before graduation and at least half are recorded.  Annual subscription with unlimited viewing.  Call 419-530-2978 or email for pricing.  

Corporate Partners, Recognized Recruiters, and recruiters with a Role Play Channel subscription, click here to login and access the ESSPS Showcase

Elevator Pitch Channel
Target your pipeline with
short, 2 minute online presentations by our seniors on when they graduate, what they bring to the table and why they would be a good candidate to hire or pursue.  Annual subscription with unlimited viewing.  Call 419-530-2978 or email for pricing. 

Corporate Partners and recruiters with an Elevator Pitch Channel subscription, click here to login and access the ESSPS Showcase

Watch a preview of how the ESSPS is using innovative technology to better serve students and the business community


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Last Updated: 5/3/19