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Master of Business Administration

Marketing Specialization with Concentration in Sales Leadership

Required M.B.A. Core Courses:

  • BUAD 6100 Account for Decision Making, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6200 Financial Systems, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6300 Strategic Marketing & Analysis, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6400 Results-based Management, 3 credit hours 
  • BUAD 6500 International Business, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6600 Supply Chain Management, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6800 Information Technology & E-business, 3 credit hours
  • BUAD 6900 Strategic Management Capstone, 3 credit hours

Required M.B.A. Courses for Marketing Specialization with Sales Leadership Concentration

  • MKTG 6140 Customer Relationship Management, 3 credit hours
  • MKTG 6240 Sales Force Leadership and Strategy, 3 credit hours
  • MKTG 6250 Strategic Account Management, 3 credit hours

Sales Leadership Course Descriptions

MKTG 6140 Customer Relationship Management (3 credits)

This course discusses the scope of relationship marketing strategies and programs and introduces business models that are appropriate for this purpose.  It also examines the strategies and tactics involved in the evolution of a firm’s relationship marketing program from its current marketing activities.  This course introduces the concept of customer lifetime value and discusses various customer relationship forms that are appropriate in the information age.

MKTG 6240 Sales Force Leadership and Strategy (3 credits)

The roles and functions of the business-to-business sales manager will be examined.  How the manager assess and uses market and competitive analysis in sales planning and strategy development; as well as sales force structure, size, and organization will be emphasized.  This course will also cover the management of the sales force, including hiring, training, and evaluating salespeople.  Other topics include environmental influences on sales programs; Demand estimation; sales territories; Sales Quota; Motivating/Compensating the sales force.

MKTG 6250 Strategic Account Management (3 credits)

The focus of this course is on key, major and strategic account selling.  The process of sales planning and account strategy for strategic accounts will be emphasized.  The course will employ role play and live cases to develop skills and theoretical frameworks for the development of major accounts.  The course will emphasize account management skills and policies, including managing relationships and servicing key accounts.

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