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Information, Operations, & Technology Management Careers

Information Operations Technology Management prepares students for careers in Information Systems, Supply Chain & Operations Management, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) careers emphasizing a more technical focus.

Information Systems

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Database Network Administrator
  • IT Project Leader
  • Interactive Content Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • IT Department Manager
Supply Chain & Operations Management
  • Production Planner & Scheduler
  • Quality Control
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control
  • Materials Management
  • Sourcing Management
  • Plant & Production Management
  • Supplier Relations & Management
  • Inventory Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Website Application & Development
  • Technical Programmers
  • Customer Technical Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • E-Commerce Management

 Where our graduates are working:

Cross-Functional Majors/Minors/Specializations

Many of our IOTM students choose an IOTM major and then select a minor, specialization, or double-major in a cross-functional area of study. Popular dual-majors and minors include:

  • Information Systems and Finance
  • Information Systems and Management
  • Information Systems and Accounting
  • Information Technology and Marketing

Supply Chain and Operations Management majors have the same opportunity for cross-functional specializations and/or double-majors. These areas that are viewed as very popular options among our students are Finance, Marketing, and Management.

Last Updated: 11/3/16