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MBA Curriculum

MBA Foundation Courses
The Foundation Courses (18 credits) consist of introductory graduate level business courses, and can be waived for students who earned a C or better in equivalent undergraduate courses. Students who are admitted and enroll in the MBA Program must take these classes at the graduate level. Once admitted to the MBA Program, we will not accept credit for equivalent classes that are taken at the undergraduate level.

  • ACCT 5000 - Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • BANS 5210 - Economics for Business Decisions
  • FINA 5310 - Managerial Finance
  • MKTG 5410 - Marketing Systems
  • OPMT 5510 - Applied Business Statistics
  • OPMT 5520 - Analysis of Manufacturing and Service Systems

    A list of the UT undergraduate equivalent courses can be found by clicking on the "MBA Plan of Study" PDF on the left hand menu. Students are also welcome to discuss other undergraduate courses (at UT or another school) with the Office of Student Retention and Academic Success to see if they will transfer into the program to meet 5000-level course requirements.

MBA Core Courses
The Core Courses (24 credits) consist of in-depth courses covering the many facets of business, along with a comprehensive course in strategic management. BUAD 6900, Strategic Management Capstone, is designed to tie all the aspects of the program together in your final semester, and features guest speakers, case studies and simulations.

  • BUAD 6100 - Accounting for Decision Making (pre-req: ACCT 5000)
  • BUAD 6200 - Financial Systems (pre-req: FINA 5310)
  • BUAD 6300 - Strategic Marketing and Analysis (pre-req: MKTG 5410)
  • BUAD 6400 - Results-Based Management
  • BUAD 6500 - International Business
  • BUAD 6600 - Supply Chain Management (pre-req: OPMT 5520)
  • BUAD 6800 - Information Technology and E-Business
  • BUAD 6900 - Strategic Management Capstone (pre-req: BUAD 6200 and BUAD 6300)

Students who successfully completed 3 or more classes in a functional area at an AACSB-accredited university are eligible to replace the core class in that area with any MBA elective. For example, a student who majored in Finance and minored in Marketing as an undergraduate at a AACSB-accredited school would be eligible to replace BUAD 6200 and 6300. This option allows students with an academic background in business to customize their degree to a greater extent, but this does not decrease the number of credit hours needed to graduate. All MBA students must complete a minimum of 11 classes (33 credit hours) at the 6000-level.

MBA Electives
All MBA students must complete a minimum of 3 electives (9 credit hours) at the 6000 level in the College of Business. You can select any combination of electives and earn your MBA in General Administration, or you can major in an area by taking the required electives outlined for that particular area. MBA students can currently pursue the following majors:

  • General Administration
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Systems Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management

It is possible for MBA students to earn up to two majors.

Last Updated: 6/9/16