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Current Ph.D. Students - Armond Sinclair

Armond Sinclair

PhD Student at The University of Toledo - College of Business and Innovation 


Journal Publications

Sinclair, Armond E.; Jagani, Sandeep B. (2013) Sustainability Is Largely About Innovation, CSR Files: Commemorative Edition 2(4).

Conference Presentations 

Sinclair, Armond E.; Jagani, Sandeep B. (2013) Leaping Into First Place: The Anterior Criterion For The Paradoxical Leapfrogging Paradigm, 2013 Global Supply Chain Management Conference Dearborn, MI  (Honorable Mention Paper Award)

Sinclair, Armond E.; Alexander, Amanda (2013) Using Photovoice Via Social Media To Juxtapose Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies With Stakeholder Needs: An Examination of Detroit, 2013 Global Supply Chain Management Conference Dearborn, MI 

Sinclair, Armond E. (2013) Corporate Social Responsibility: When Practices Lead to Dependency, International Association of African Business & Development, Accra, Ghana

Sinclair, Armond E. (2010) Evaluating Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Technology in the Terminal Aerodrome Environment for Potential Enhancements and Air Traffic Management, International Conference for Research on Air Transportation, Budapest, Hungary

Work Under Review

PDW Submitted to Academy of Management:   

Jones, N; Minefee, I.; Rabelo, V. C.; Sinclair, Armond; Stewart, O.J.; Taylor, R. (2014) Fixing Leaks in the Pipeline: Increasing the Retention of Minority Students and Faculty in Management 


Conference Papers Submitted to Academy of Management -  

Sinclair, Armond E.; Jagani, Sandeep B. (2014) Taking A Giant Leap: Examining the Antecedents of Leapfrogging

 Sinclair, Armond E.; Alexander, Amanda (2014) Using Social Media To Influence Governance For Stakeholder Needs


Journal Publications

 Sinclair, Armond E. (2013) Progressing Corporate Social Responsibility: A Transition From Philanthrocentric Ideologies To Foreign Direct Investments, Journal of International Business Management & Research -    (in press)


Book Chapter In-Work

Sinclair, Armond E.; Bennett, Robert (2014) “The Supply Chain of College Athletes: An Examination of Black Males in College Football.” (Emerald Publishing)


Manuscripts In-Work

Sinclair, Armond E. (2014) Playing Catch-Up: Integrating Social Media Into Research Methods

Sinclair, Armond E. (2014) Incongruities of Corporate Social Responsibility Within Multifarious Outsourced Project-Based Service Organizations

Sinclair, Armond E. (2014) Phylogenetic Systematic Analysis of CSR Practices Within Multinational Firms



Reviewer for 2014 AOM National Conference SIM Division

Reviewer for 2014 AOM National Conference TIM Division


Conferences Participated

  • Harvard Business School's African Business Conference: Redefining Africa (2013)
  • Academy of Management Conference (2013)
  • KPMG's PhD Project Management Doctoral Student Association Conference (2013)
  • State of the State: Ohio (2013)
  • PSCM Global Supply Chain Management Conference (2012)


Last Updated: 11/3/16