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Prospective Students

FINA- 4480 / FINA- 6480
Student Managed Portfolio Practicum (SMP)

Prerequisite: Fina-3480 (for undergraduates) // Buad-6200 (for MBAs)                                                          
(Students can take the required courses during the summer sessions at UT) 

This course is designed to give hands-on experience in portfolio management by managing $1 Million fund provided by the University of Toledo Foundation. As such, the course is a pseudo money management firm with fiduciary responsibilities to the UT Foundation. Students are responsible for performing their own research to make investment decisions. Also, students are expected to comply with Investment Policy Statement (IPS) of the Fund in their decisions making process. Similar to real-life money managing firms, students are required to prepare quarterly reports and present to the Board of UT Foundation’s finance committee on a quarterly basis. Student in this class are expected to act as real financial analysts and portfolio managers.


Students cannot apply through the regular registration process. Students must complete and submit the application. Upon completion, each student must go through an interview process with the instructor to be considered as part of the future SMP course.

Application process starts on March 25 for the next academic year.


   i.  Fill out the following application form; along with the required supporting material stated in the application form, and then turn in: APPLICATION FORM
          Either to Instructor: Dr. Marc W. Simpson, ST-South, Room-4047 
          Or to Finance Secretary: Beth McCartney, ST-South, Room-4039

   ii.  Have your interview with the Instructor: Dr. Marc W. Simpson, ST-South, Room-4047

(For the interview process: Dr. Simpson will personally contact you for the interview)


   i.  Students will be notified of their acceptance with a permit to register.

   ii.  Students must personally register with the permit provided.


Thank you for your interest in the SMP!


Last Updated: 6/9/16