College of Business and Innovation

Center for Continuous Improvement (formerly Executive Center for Global Competitiveness)

Interview with the Director about ECGC

The Center for Continuous Improvement (formerly the Executive Center for Global Competitiveness) serves as the multi-disciplinary outreach and engagement linchpin between the UT College of Business and Innovation and the business community of Northwest Ohio. In fulfilling this role, the Center for Continuous Improvement seeks to leverage the College's teaching/learning capabilities and research expertise to address issues that adversely impact the business climate and economic development of the region and serves as a resource for enhancing the global competitiveness of individual organizations.

Through the Center for Continuous Improvement, clients can access a comprehensive portfolio of business relevant learning and consultative services via a network of engaged scholars, encompassing faculty, staff, students, alumni and business professionals. Among the available services are:

  • Access to student interns and career hires
  • Access to Business Centers and Institutes such as the Center for Family & Privately-Held Business, Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales, International Business Institute and The Center for Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Organizational and employee access to post-baccalaureate degree granting programs, e.g., MBA, EMBA, MS in Accounting
  • Availability of customized non-credit training and development opportunities offered as seminars, workshops or certificate programs
  • Source for consultative assistance in such targeted areas as business and strategic planning, feasibility studies, leadership/organization development, process innovation, marketing and customer relationship management, global supply chain management, international development, lean manufacturing, systems analyses and the like
  • Regional Forum host for business and industry networking and dialogue regarding regional economic issues such as health care costs, energy costs and labor-management relationships, as well as business and industry specific issues and topics
  • Specialized analytical studies, action research, best practice surveys and information analyses services


Last Updated: 6/24/19