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Faculty Research Detail - Sonny S. Ariss, Ph.D.


Faculty Detail                      

Name: Sonny S. Ariss, Ph.D.
Office: ST 2044
Phone: 419-530-2365

Biographical Sketch 
The Ohio State University, PhD, Management, 1990 
The University of Toledo, MBA, Administration, 1981
The University of Toledo
, BBA, Management, 1978

Dr. Sonny S. Ariss is the Director of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and a faculty member of the Department of Management in the College of Business and Innovation at the University of Toledo. During his tenure at the University he has held many administrative positions such as The Chairman of the Management Department, the Director of Undergraduate Programs, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, and the Interim Dean of Business Administration.
Research Interests

Strategic planning, organization development and leadership, and entrepreneurship and small business management.

Current Research in Progress

• Why Service Orgainzations Fail to Get Desired Results: The Perspectives From Front Line Managers
• Cybercrime: Who Should be Held Responsible?
• An Analysis of the Flat Panel Industry


Selected Publications


• Longenecker, C.O.,and S. S. Ariss “Why Service Organizations Fail To Get Desired Results: The Front Line Managers’ Perspective”, International Journal of Effective Management, pp.1-17 Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2005. (AR,R)

• Longenecker, C.O.,and S. S. Ariss "Who Goes and Who Stays? How Managers Decide Who Gets Downsized" Indutrial Management , pp. 9-13, Issue 3 May/June 2004.(AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S. "Employee Involvement to Improve Safety in the Workplace:An Ethical Imperative.”Mid-American Journal of Business, pp. 9-16, Volume 18, No. 2, Fall 2003. (BR, R)

• Ariss, S. S, N. Nykodym, and A. Laramore, “ Trust and Technology in the Virtual Organization.” SAM Advanced Management Journal, pp, 22-25, Volume 67,No 4, Fall,2002. (BR,R)

• Longenecker, C.O.,and S. S. Ariss "Creating Competitive Advantage Through Effective Management Education." The Journal of Management Development , pp. 640-654, Volume 21, Issue 9 and 10, November, 2002. (AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S. "Employee Involvement as a Prerequisite to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs: A Case Study." Review of Business, pp. 12-16, Volume 23, No. 2, Spring 2002. (AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S. "Computer Monitoring: Benefits and Pitfalls Facing Management." Information and Management, pp.553-558, Volume 39, No. 7, July 2002. (AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S., and Zhang, Quingyu, "The Impact of Flexible Process Capability on the Product-Process Matrix: An Empirical Examination. International Journal for Production Economics, pp. 135-145, Volume 76, No. 2, March 21, 2002. (AR,R)

• Kunnathur, A. T.S.Raghunathan, and S. S.Ariss, "Adoption of Modern Technology in Small Manufacturing Firms: A Study of Issues and Concerns." International Journal of Manufacruring Technology and Management:A Special Series of the InternationalJournal of Technology Management, pp. 456-468, Vol. 3, Nos 4/5, May 2001. (AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S. and K.H. Thomas. "Survival Skills in the Virtual Organization of the Twenty-First Century." Journal of Contemporary Business Issues, pp. 8-14, Volume 8, No. 1, Spring 2000. (AR,R)

• Ariss, S. S., T.S. Ragunathan, and A. Kunnathur. "Factors Affecting the Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Small Firms." SAM Advanced Management Journal, pp. 14-21, Volume 65, No. 2, Spring 2000. (AR, R)


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