Campus Maps and Directions

Virtual Tours FAQ

Viewing the Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tour uses Flash Player 8 to display a panorama movie containing a 360 degree view of our campuses. It allows you to look up, down, turn around and zoom in and out. You drag the cursor across the movie image itself to look around. The buttons near the bottom provide an easy way to control the view and zoom.

Button Description


left arrow Move camera left Left Arrow
right arrow Move camera right Right Arrow
up arrow Moves camera up Up Arrow
down arrow Moves camera down Down Arrow
zoom in Zooms in Shift
zoom out Zooms out Ctrl
rotate camera Auto-Rotate None
full screen Full screen mode  

For best results we recommend using Firefox 3, Adobe Flash Player 10, and a broadband connection.

Navigating the Virtual Tours

There are two navigation methods for the 360 Virtual Tours.

  • Map: You may click on a red dot on the map to automatically go to that location. Hovering the mouse over buildings on the map will display the buildings name.

  • Hot Spots: Links within the panorama that link directly to surrounding locations. The mouse cursor will change to an icon of a hand pressing on a globe. A text box will also display explaining what the hotspot is for. Just click these directly to move from one location to the next.

Problems Viewing

Ifyou are having problems viewing our Virtual Tours, please make sure you are using a compatible web browser and an updated version of flash.

Last Updated: 4/5/18