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Affinity Groups

Smaller, roundtable, confidential discussion groups afford UT Center for Family & Privately-Held Business members the opportunity to learn more about best practices and each other.  This safe learning environment is a powerful venue for business leadership development. 

Affinity Group meetings provide a “safe” place for participants to draw on the experience and knowledge of other family business owners for the purpose of exchanging ideas, identifying trends, and discussing opportunities unique to family businesses.  Lessons learned can be taken to the work place or the family to assist in perpetuating the family business.  I highly encourage others to participate in Affinity Groups!”  Joel Gorski, NAMSA, Affinity Group #3

The Affinity Group experience is a great way to develop a core peer network to discuss topics/issues relating to the family business. We are also able to tap into the resources of the UTCFB network for speakers and gain more specific knowledge on our topics. All in all, it’s a great sounding board outside of the “family” part of the business.”  Tanya Pipatjarasgit, Signature Associates, Moderator, Affinity Group #5

"What I value the most from our Affinity Group is the friendships that have been built.  There is an enormous amount of trust within the group, and a true interest in the lives and businesses of each member.  We can share personal, family, and business issues, along with any concerns, confidentially.  Each member will do whatever possible to help one another succeed both personally and professionally.”  Joe Feudi, Caputo & Associates, 
Affinity Group #1

For more information on participation in an Affinity Group, please email Debbe Skutch.

Last Updated: 6/9/16