Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women

Artist in Residence

Spring 2018 Resident Artist Exhibit: Tary Blair (1958-2017)

Tary BlairTary Blair's exhibit features original works of poetry. Tary turned to poetry as a reprieve from abuse, addiction, heartbreak, loss and multiple suicide attempts. Her family hopes that through experiencing Tary's poetry, it will be transformative and cathartic to the reader as much as it was to the author herself. 'A picture is worth a thousand words', "our hope is that through a thousand words, one will walk away with a picture of hope, strength, and survival."

Tary was awarded a posthumous Bachelor of Arts degree in individualized programs from University College.


"Love" by Tary Blair

The silence of the stillness
Is deafening to the ear,
Where once was children's laughter
Is now a grown-ups' tear.

We sit and wait for something,
Just a whisper of a sound.
To bring back joyous memories
When life was all around.

But time moves on so loud and clear,
And yet we cannot hear it.
Don't stop and wait upon the past,
Your future will not bear it.

And in the quiet darkness,
If we listen very close,
We'll hear what we've been missing,
And wishing for the most!

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