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Marietta Morrissey

Patricia (Patsy) Rose DiLillo Morrissey graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1948 with a strong academic record and a in Chemistry. Shortly before graduation she applied for admission to medical school. She was denied admission in 1948 because, according to the admissions committee, having completed her B.S. degree in only three years she was too young to begin medical education! One woman was admitted to the medical school program in 1948. The admissions committee suggested that Patsy try again the following year. Having met and married a World War II vet who was completing a college degree at the time, she assumed that her marriage and intention to have children would provide another reason for the medical school admissions committee to deny her admission. It was clear that women and men applicants were held to different admissions standards. She went on to teach chemistry to high school students and to work as a clinical chemist in a large hospital lab. She has had very high educational expectations for her children and grandchildren, for which we all are grateful.
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