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Project Succeed FAQ's

Q: What is Project Succeed?

A: Project Succeed Groups and Classes are offered to encourage and support women toward equity in education, economic, and community life. It has a longstanding reputation for excellence in the provision of services to women of Northwest Ohio. Project Succeed has been developed to enrich women’s lives through  supporting personal growth  and career development.

The signature program is the Women's Success Series,  This free 10 week program is designed to guide women on the journey of personal and professional development. Each week women will be engaging topics to help them identify career paths, navigate proactively in today's economy and prepare themselves for a successful future.

Women attending the Women's Success Series will receive:

· A notebook of tools and resources to use as a personal reference guide
· Presentations on a variety of topics by knowledgeable speakers
· Testing and Counseling Support to assist women in  identifying personal,  academic and career goals
· A completed viable resume to begin using immediately for job seekers
· A book scholarship for those who qualify
· A certificate of completion for the series

Q: Who Should Attend?

A: Women experiencing a life transition, such as a divorce, separation, disability or death of a spouse, or single parents.
Any women looking to increase skills and knowledge about pursuing higher education or career change and/or advancement.
Women looking for tools to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

This program helps all women - women graduating from college, women returning to college, women whose financial lives have changed, women whose children have grown and gone, single women with children, women seeking to fulfill their highest potential. It enables individuals who have been dependent on a spouse for financial support to become financially self sufficient.

Q: How much does programming at the Eberly Center Cost?

A: It depends, Women's Success Series is free and all classes are free for UT students, but there are small fees associated with many of the other programs. Financial assistance may be available for those who need it. If you have more questions about costs or payment please contact 419.530.8570.

Q: Can you really help me? 

A: Yes! We have helped hundreds of women navigate through life's up's and downs.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16