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Current Programs

 BOSEF: Building Ohio's Sustainable Energy Future

 Building Ohio’s Sustainable Energy Future (BOSEF) supports undergraduate and graduate students  preparing for careers in renewable energy and environmental sciences fields. Organized on a learning  community model, BOSEF seeks to foster the COF goal of preparing Ohio’s future workforce by engaging  students in group research projects focused on the environmental and energy issues facing our region.    BOSEF is a joint program with Bowling Green State University and collaborative gatherings of students from  both campuses are held on a monthly basis.


 Geoffrey Martin, Ph.D.
 Assoc. Prof. Mathematics/IR Vice President
 Office of Institutional Research (IR)

 Thomas Kvale, Ph.D.
 Professor of Physics/OAR Director
 Office of Undergraduate Research (OAR)

 COFFEE: COF for Engineering Entrepreneurship

 The primary objective of COFFEE is to increase the number of Ohio engineering and science graduates,  equipped with the entrepreneurial training and co-op experiences needed to translate their innovative  ideas  into economic growth for  Ohio  companies in high-tech industries that are important to the State’s  future.


 Brian Randolph, Ph.D.

 Professor/Senior Associate Dean for UG Studies
 College of Engineering

 PSM in Photovoltaics

 The COF scholarships are designed for Ohio students. We are offering 3 scholarships for students joining in  fall 2014. For a bright future in developing Ohio’s renewable energy future through solar photovoltaic (PV)  energy, consider this premier program. You will learn the theory and experimental techniques of PV, take  classes in physics and business, receive training in laboratories exploring PV technology and learn to make  technical professional presentations.  A 24 week internship in a company setting will be a capstone  experience. We welcome applicants with degrees in all physical sciences and engineering fields. We have a  strong placement record for our graduates.


 Sanjay Khare, Ph.D.

 Associate Professor of Physics
 College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

 BS in Biology/MS in Bioinformatics Pipeline 

 Bioinformatics is the use of computer-based methods to make sense of biological data, such as the  increasing flood of human genome sequences. This program combines the required biology background and  advanced training in bioinformatics from the usual ~6 to ~5 years total for the two degrees, and Choose  Ohio First funds cover the full tuition costs of junior, senior, and graduate terms for awardees. The program  goal is to help ensure that Ohio students are available to fill the rapidly-growing demand for bioinformatics  expertise.


 Robert Blumenthal, PhD. 
 Distinguished University Professor
 Medical Microbiology
 College of Medicine & Life Sciences

 Ohio Consortium for Bioinformatics (MS or PSM in Bioinformatics)

 Bioinformatics is the use of computer-based methods to make sense of biological data, such as the  increasing flood of human genome sequences. The program goal is to help ensure that Ohio students are  available to fill the rapidly-growing demand for bioinformatics expertise. Choose Ohio First funds cover the  full graduate tuition costs for awardees, who can enter either of two tracks. One, leading to the MS degree,  is for those going into research or further graduate training and includes a research project. The second,  leading to the PSM (professional science masters), is for those planning on careers in the biotechnology  sector of industry, and includes an internship and some business courses. Either degree is appropriate for  those planning further professional training.


 Robert Blumenthal, Ph.D. 

 Distinguished University Professor
 Medical Microbiology
 College of Medicine & Life Sciences

 Primary Care Scholarships - Nursing (PCMH)

 Designed for students in the family nurse practitioner or pediatric nurse practitioner primary care tracks.  Recipients of the scholarship will be awarded $10,000 to be split between two semesters to be used for  tuition and fees. There have been 11 scholarships awarded in academic year 2012-2014. The students  have priority placements in PCMH when possible. The curriculum for COF students has been developed and  implemented in the Spring semester 2014. The curriculum centers on the Patient Centered Medical Home  content.


 Kay Grothaus, Ph.D., APRN
 Associate Prof. of Nursing/ Associate Dean
 College of Nursing

 Primary Care Scholarships - Medicine (PCMH)

 In 2013 the initial scholarship was developed with requirements that College of Medicine students must go  into a primary care residency (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics), remain in Ohio upon  completion of residency and have Medicare patients in practice.  4 students were selected by the College of  Medicine Scholarship Committee; 1 graduated June 2013 – Family Medicine Residency Toledo, Ohio.  The  2014 scholarship round garnered 14 applications.  4 students were selected by the College of Medicine  Scholarship Committee.  2 students scheduled to graduate May 2014 – both Pediatric residency, Akron and  Toledo, Ohio.


 Ronald McGinnis, M.D.,

 Associate Professor/ Interim Dean 
 College of Medicine & Life Sciences

 Dawn Durivage
 Assistant Director
 Student Affairs

 WWF: Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

 The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented, committed individuals with  backgrounds in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to transition into teaching  careers in Ohio's high-need secondary schools. Those students receiving the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship  will be accepted into the Accelerated Licensure And Master's Program (LAMP) starting in August, providing  the candidate has a received a passing score on the appropriate content exam as specified by the Ohio  Department of Education in the content area for which they are seeking licensure.


 Virginia Keil, Ph.D.
 Executive Associate Dean/Associate Professor
 Judith Herb College of Education

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