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CI logoChaperon Eligibility:

Teachers accompanying students groups are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Have experience of teaching K‐12
  • Respect and know something about Chinese Culture
  • Possess experience in managing students
  • Have previous going abroad experience is preferred
  • Be responsible, compatible and adaptable
  • Possess outstanding communication skills
  • Be physically capable of international travel

During the program the teachers need to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Help the Confucius Institute with pre‐departure training
  • Accompany students and attend all courses and other activities
  • Coordinate with Hanban and the host schools to supervise and manage the students
  • Help students adapt to the new environment and provide them necessary support with guidance
  • Serve as the main point of contact with the Confucius Institute, Hanban and the host schools' staff in case of an emergency, such as a student illness or a loss of a passport, etc. Accompany the student to get medical treatment etc.
  • Be physically capable of international travel
  • Collect program feedback from the students at the conclusion of the camp, and submit a report
  • summary and feedback to Hanban and recommendations for improvement

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Last Updated: 3/13/17