Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo

Study in China

Summer Courses in China for UT Students

Qinhuangdao, Beijing, Xi’an


An exciting language and cultural program will take you to various places in China. This program is designed in cooperation with UT’s partner in China, Yanshan University, to provide students with intensive Chinese language, culture, and history instruction. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience China.

First 12 days: In Qinhuangdao. Stay at Yanshan University, learning Chinese language, culture & economic dynamics and local sight-seeing. Learning and Fun!

Last 5 days: Field trip to Xi’an, Beijing, learning and seeing the Chinese history.

Receive UT course credit hours

UT Students can earn transferred UT course credit hours such as Survey of Chinese Culture, Doing Business with Asia, Special Topics in Asian Studies, etc. They can also receive credit hours in Chinese Language (need advance approval from the Foreign Language Department chair)

UT Travel Grant up to $1200, deadline, March 1st

You may receive up to $1200 travel subsidy from the Study Abroad Program. Apply through the Center for International Studies and Programs, SM 1000. PH: 419-530-5268. Apply now as the deadline coming soon!

Funding by UTCI, so your local cost in China is covered!

For students completing the Chinese language training class at UTCI (Confucius Institute at the University of Toledo), in-China expenses are fully covered by CI Headquarter (For details, see Learn Chinese). Contact: Dr. Minhua WU, SM 1060B,

Cost (An incredible bargain)

International travel approximately $ 1,500.

In-China expenses (tuition, travel in China, accommodation, and meals): Free if you are funded by UTCI (see above), otherwise approximately $1,000 if you do not have UTCI grant.

Additional: International Students Identity Card, $22; UT Study Abroad application fee, $100;

Deposit for hotel in Yanshan University, $150 (refundable); Items at one’s own expenses during the cultural trip, about $ 50. And personal expenses

For information and application, contact

Prof. Gene Chang, Director, the Asian Studies Institute,

Last Updated: 7/22/16