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Chinese Culture is designed for students who are interested in Chinese way of thinking and behaviors, and who will potentially pursue China-related career or studies. Through a systematic discussion of Chinese values, habit of thoughts, and patterns of behaviors, this course aims to help students build a professional and effective understanding of Chinese people’s living experiences. Two paralleled questions serve as the guideline of the course construction:

a. What are the Dos and Don’ts while interacting with Chinese people?

b. What are the key Mandarin vocabulary and phrases for basic communication with Chinese people?

These two questions are most-concerned by western people, especially Americans. Therefore this course is consist of 14 themed lectures centering on these two questions, focus on familiarizing students with Chinese culture at both linguistic and practical levels. For more details, please contact Dr. Han.

Dawei Han

office: (419)-530-8580

Email: Dawei.Han@UToledo.Edu

This is a two (2) semester course consisting of two (2) levels designed for those who have little or no knowledge of the Chinese Language. The course teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar fundamentals as essential elements in reading, writing and understanding elementary Chinese. It also covers the basic knowledge of Chinese culture and history which is integral as you study and learn Chinese. For more details, please contact Yuxi Zhang.

Yuxi Zhang

office: (419)-530-8593

Email: Yuxi.Zhang@UToledo.Edu


The two (2) semester intermediate course is designed for people who have studied Basic Chinese Level I & II or have equivalent knowledge. This course requires mastery of basic grammar and key sentence patterns, focusing on vocabulary building and idiomatic expression acquisition through extensive reading and conversation practice. It will cover a broad aspect of Chinese culture and history. For more details, please contact Xiangling Gong.

Xiangling Gong

office: (419)-530-7750

Email: Xiangling.Gong@UToledo.Edu


This is a two (2) semester course designed for people who have studied Intermediate Chinese or have equivalent language skills, and are able to communicate in Chinese with a command of basic grammar, vocabulary and key sentence patterns. This course concentrates on strengthening and further developing skills in reading, speaking, and writing modern Chinese, through a diversity of materials and media.  It will cover a broad aspect of Chinese culture and history. For more details, please contact Daiying Xia.

Daiying Xia

office: (419)-530-7750

Email: Daiying.Xia@UToledo.Edu

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