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Global Voices

Welcome to Global Voices – UT's international speakers program. 

Global VoicesGlobal Voices is a UT campus resource created to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and understanding on the UT Campus. The Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP) recruits international students and scholars to join Global Voices.

Participants registered with Global Voices are willing to share their unique experiences and perspectives to UT classes or serve on panel discussions for student groups and organizations.

Global Voices students and scholars would take part in question-and-answer-style panels/presentations in front of UT students who are eager to learn about what life is like in other countries!

How to register as a Global Voice for your home country:

International Students and Scholars are encouraged to sign-up and help UT achieve its goal of internationalizing the University experience.

The time commitment is minimal. CISP would email or call international speakers only when a request is made. For example, a professor might say, “I am looking for a student from Kenya to come to my 9:00 a.m. class on Tuesday to discuss the culture of their home country.” Then CISP would call the appropriate student(s) who have signed up to volunteer. Volunteer speakers would then visit the class and answer questions about their culture.

Building bridges of understanding between nations is crucial in today’s world. Sharing knowledge of your culture is a way to improve international relations and educate others about our similarities and differences. Lastly, the Global Voices Program is a great way to enhance your English and build your resume.

How to Request a Global Voice:

In today’s globalization, it is important to infuse opportunities for cross-cultural engagement into classroom curriculum. International students and scholars can speak in front of your class or student organization on topics ranging from culture and food to religion and politics.

There is no charge for the speakers, this is a volunteer program.

Advance notice is requested to better serve UT faculty and staff needs.



Last Updated: 6/9/16