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Accepted Study Abroad Student

Congratulations! Your life is about to change!

Preparing yourself to go abroad can be very stressful, confusing, and all around overwhelming if you are not well prepared or informed. CISP is here to help.

AmsterdamOnce you have been accepted to an study abroad program you will need to complete the following:

Accepted Students Next Steps: 

1. Apply for Funding
Be aware of scholarships and travel grant deadlines.

2.  Apply for your Passport/Visa
Don't wait until the last minute; 4-6 weeks is standard for ordering and processing passports.

3. Apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to receive basic travel insurance coverage and discounts overseas.   Learn more here:

4. Make Copies of All Important Documents to take with you to avoid complications while you are abroad.

  • Driver’s License
  • ISIC Card
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Course Approval form
  • Estimated Program Cost Worksheet

5. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation to learn valuable information to help you adjust to life abroad and to receive a travel grant.

We also encourage you to review travel advice under Global Assistance

Research the country you are visiting, review travel guides, learn about the culture and climate of the country you will be visiting.

It is up to you to read the information provided to you by CISP, study abroad partners (USAC, ISA, GlobaLinks, etc.) and the host institution, in addition to conducting your own research.

Studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime, and it comes with certain responsibilities, so with careful planning and preparation you will arrive with the confidence to excel academically, explore new surroundings and meet new people. It is up to you to take ownership over your own success.

If you are ever lost, confused or completely overwhelmed, do not hesitate to contact CISP, we are here to help you through the process.  Keep in touch  by visiting our Current Student page.


Last Updated: 6/21/18