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These UT students are incorporating their international experience into their life by getting involved in the international academic community at UT, and work, intern or volunteer in the Center for International Studies and Programs.

Amanda Bleasdale
Amanda Bleasdale

Major: Accounting and Information Systems
Attended Università degli Studi di Torino
Turin, Italy
Program: USAC








I wanted to study abroad to grow personally and professionally as well as learn a new culture and language.

The classes I took abroad were very similar to the classes I would have taken at UT. They were all in English and taught by a professor who was very helpful throughout the semester. The main difference was that each class was once a week for two to three hours long. The extensive language course was more frequent, but only lasted for half of the semester.

The academic experiences were much more exciting. Learning a new culture and language while being immersed in it was much better than just learning about it in a classroom setting. I felt I gained a much better understanding of the material for both my Italian culture and language classes as well as my marketing and operations management class. The academics were applied to Italy and globally.

I had many memorable moments while abroad. I loved the freedom of being able to pick any European city and traveling there the next weekend or the next month. I loved meeting up with my parents in Rome and then traveling to Barcelona and Paris. They visited me in Torino and I showed them where I had been living and all around the city. It was exciting because it was the first time my mom, brother, and sister had been to Europe.

I believe that everyone should get the chance to study abroad and get out of their comfort zone. It is an incredible experience that no one will ever regret.

The experience really helped me to grow. I am always willing to try new things – no matter how difficult or afraid I may be. I enjoy challenging myself and hope to get a chance to travel a lot more in my professional career.


Eveyln Dority
Evelyn Dority

Major: German and Global Studies
Attended Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg Germany
Niedersachen, Germany
Program: USAC

I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to learn more about different cultures and how they interact with ours. Also, I had been studying German for several years and wanted a chance enhance that language skill.

All of my courses were with all U.S. students, but the classes were structured differently in more of an open discussion seminar form of learning.

The academic experience that I had in Germany was similar to in the United States. The exams were based around sets of essay questions and the classes were expected to discuss specific topics which were supported by lectures.

Some memorable moments from my time abroad are: the breathtaking first step in to the St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest, ordering a pretzel from my favorite café in Lüneburg every morning, and all of the amazing people I met from all over the world.

If someone was thinking of studying abroad I would tell them to most definitely take the leap! It is a growing experience in many ways

This experience gave me a better sense of who I am and what I expect of myself. You meet so many different people from so many different walks of life, and their stories and influence help to broaden your mind. I also became “functionally” fluent in German.


Sara Egziabher
Sarah Egziabher

Major: Political Science
Attended Institut Catholique de ParisParis,France
Program: ISA 




I wanted to study abroad because it not only allowed me to travel the world, but also gave me the opportunity to become a well-rounded and international individual. By being around different cultures I got to see the world from a different perspective. I also wanted to perfect my French speaking and writing skills. 

At first I was nervous because all my classes were going to be taught in French, but I ended up loving it. The courses were overall really interesting and quite different from the way our classes are set up here at the University of Toledo. The teaching style and even classroom size were very distinctive to European culture, but I did enjoy it. 

Overall the professors were nice and always willing to help if we needed it. They really pushed us to our full potential and made come out of our comfort zone.

Though this experience as a whole is definitely a favorite memory of mine, I truly enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with the native French people. I got to form friendships that will last a lifetime. They collectively taught me how to be a true Parisian and I am truly grateful to have met such nice people.

I would advise them to take advantage of this opportunity and study abroad. I honestly feel like studying in a different country is a great experience and truly allows one to not only become well rounded, but also get in touch with themselves.

 Through this I have gained life experiences that will allow me to grow as a person. It also allowed me to not only learn about others, but also learn about myself by obtaining new perspectives and even beliefs and values. I have become more aware of things that are taking place within Europe and drastically improved my French. 

Noah Hartman
Noah Hartman

Major: International Business / Finance
Attended University of Lüneburg
(Lüneburg, Germany)  and
Università degli studi di Torino
(Torino, Italy)
Program: USAC 

I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something challenging that would also be fun and rewarding. I wanted to get out and see the world other than just the United States. I also am an International Business student that is interested in working internationally with different cultures one day and I thought studying abroad would put me a step in the right direction.

Taking college courses and learning in another country was a great experience. I had professors from all over the world and it was interesting to see the differences in teaching styles. In Germany, I took classes that were in German and being there helped me learn the language even better and I got fully immersed into the culture. In my opinion, it was way more exciting taking courses in a new environment than at your home university.

The academic experiences were fantastic and very rewarding. The classes I took were very interesting and engaging. I not only learned in the classroom, but I also learned a lot everyday outside of the classroom, for example, the different cultures, languages, customs and norms of the countries. It’s not all class work either. We did different field trips to museums, cities and historic buildings where we learned even more about the history of the country and its’ culture.

Meeting people from all over the world including the United States that have become life-long friends and getting to see different parts of the world while earning college credit.

Do not hesitate and do it! It will change your life in such a positive way and you will not regret it! It will be one of the best decisions of your life! I promise you.

Studying abroad is probably the most significant event/factor in my life that has made me who I am today. I have developed so many skills just from studying abroad more than anything. I have also developed a new perspective on many different cultures including my own. I have become more independent and I have a new willingness to accept challenges and to deal with hardships and adversity.   I am 100% a better person and better off because of the many experiences during my time abroad.


Sean Koogan
Sean Koogan

Major: Film, Theatre, Communication
Attended University of Pau
Pau, France
Program: USAC






Living in Europe and experiencing a different culture had always been personal goals of mine in addition to learning a new language. Studying abroad provided me with the opportunity to delve into and fulfill these life changing landmarks.

Immersing myself in the culture was an enlightening experience allowing me to continuously absorb aspects indicative of my studies providing an enriched educational experience.

Summer session 1 & 2 were condensed, challenging, stressful at times but impactful and rewarding: worth it.

One of my first memorable moments occurred when I successfully ordered water. Having never taken a French class before jettisoning to Pau, the first few weeks of classes left me feeling like my head constantly rested in a pair of vice grips: each day brought about another turn in the handles that was the itch and melt in my brain. Little did I know, on a random Wednesday evening everything was about to change. Meeting up with newly made international friends for coffee, a sudden craving for water overcame me, anything to allow the caffeine populating my body to maintain a nice flow. Walking up to the bartender, who only spoke French, he asked what would I like, or so I think, for my French had barely begun to develop by this moment. Again, I found myself unable to escape an inability to communicate, but this time was different. Usually in moments similar to this uttering the words je ne comprend pas which roughly translates to “I don’t understand” had been my tagline, but this time when I went to repeat the sentence I had relayed so many times before, the correct words to complete my request shockingly came splashing out, rolling off the tongue like an uncontrollable tidal wave of birthday party confetti as the moment had been a complete surprise to me and the present I was opening was my evolving education. Before I knew it, a tall, cold glass of H2O rested before me, and all the struggles, pain, and frustrations (of learning a new language in a country where your native tongue is the minority), I had been feeling for many days past disappeared and an immense and overwhelming wave of joy overcame me sending meaningful shivers of recognizable progress throughout my entire body prompting me to ask “what else can I learn?” In that moment everything began to click.

Anyone thinking of studying abroad I have this to say: Do it. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Jump in and experience as much as you can. Open yourself to any and all possibilities for you never know when you’ll have another opportunity like this to travel the world.

This experience was life changing. Every week brought a new catharsis. I can’t quite put my change into words as it is more of an internal feeling, than an external tagline.

Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago

Major: Higher Education
Attended Taipei American School
Taipei, Taiwan
Program: Camp Adventure

I wanted to go abroad because I wanted to experience another culture, make new friends, and explore the world!

Through camp adventure we facilitated summer camp programs. It was a terrific experience working with local campers and learning the different ways they live.

My most memorable moment would have to be when a group of friends and I went to a Thai restaurant. We looked at a menu and couldn’t read it. All we could recognize was the amount that it cost. It was a six course meal. We thought it said NT$635 total. In US currency it was around $21. We thought great deal! When we received the bill it was NT$635 per person! Our faces were dumbfounded, but it was fun to laugh at after.

It is an experience that every student at every university should have.

I am more open-minded. I look at life from a different perspective. I love to travel the world!



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