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Prague, Czech Republic: Study Abroad Testimonial

Prague, Czech Republic UT student Morrison Wilson "explored her world" through a study abroad experience.   

Morrison is majoring in English and American Studies, with a minor in Disability Studies.

She studied at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Fall 2012.

Here are Morrison's thoughts regarding studying abroad:

"I can't remember why I chose to study abroad in Prague, I just knew I needed a change of scenery and perspective, and today I can't imagine having studied abroad anywhere else. Study abroad gave me the opportunity to live in a major European city and experience a culture different from what I was used to in America: academically, socially, and historically.:

Brandenburg Gate Germany with Friends


 "The best thing about my experience was traveling almost every weekend: from small villages in the Czech Republic to large cities like Berlin, I learned that travel will always surprise you in the best ways. Sometimes it was meeting friendly locals, and sometimes it was new-found confidence after finding your way from the train station to your hostel at midnight. Learning with new classmates and new professors in a new city refreshed me mentally, allowing me to enter my senior year of college with more excitement for post-graduation opportunities."

"I am the one in the middle with the hat.  I made a lot of new friends." 

"To people considering studying abroad, I would say to pursue it even if it means taking out loans or staying at school for an extra semester-- the experience of living abroad for 4 months is worth more than a bit of money and a degree in 4-years."

Here are more photos from my experience:

Lake Bled Slovenia man fishing
Lake Bled Slovenai Man fishing in village of Svaty Jan pod Skalou Czech Republic
Wenceslas Square Prague Graffiti in Krakow Poland
Wenceslas Square Prague  Graffiti in Krakow Poland
Amsterdam city of bikes

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Amsterdam city of bikes and bridges  
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