College of Communication and the Arts


Dr. Richard Putney
Director, Art History
Coordinator of Art Museum Practices
Associate Professor of Art History
Ancient Art, Medieval Art, History of Architecture
Art Museum Practices
Consulting Curator of Medieval Art, Toledo Museum of Art

Ph.D. Art History
University of Delaware

M.A. Art History
University of Delaware

B.A. Art History
University of Delaware

Center for the Visual Arts


Courses Taught (Since 2004):
ARTH 1500, Art in History ARTH 2050, History of Western Art I
ARTH 2060, History of Western Art II
ARTH 2300, Introduction to Architecture

ARTH 2980, Special Studies: The Italian City

ARTH 3110, Art of Ancient Egypt
ARTH 3130, World of William the Conqueror
ARTH 3130, The Museum Cloister Gallery
ARTH 3150, Venice: Light and Landscape
ARTH 3150, Palladio
ARTH 3230, Monuments of Gettysburg
ARTH 3230, The American Scene, 1700-1865
ARTH 3230, The American House
ARTH 3290, Modern Architecture
ARTH 3900, Art Museum Practices
ARTH 3980, Paris: City of Art
ARTH 3980, Books and Ideas in the Middle Ages
ARTH 3980, Rome: The Eternal City
ARTH 4910, Senior Thesis I

ARTH 4920, Senior Thesis II

ARTH 4980, Landscapes in History
ARTH 4990, Independent Study


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