College of Communication and the Arts

Jazz Studies

The Jazz Major

The University of Toledo is pleased to offer an intensive and challenging experience for the student interested in pursuing a career in jazz and popular music. When the program is completed the student is awarded the Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from the College of Communication and the Arts. This degree program prepares students to be professional performers and highly trained musicians proficient in many musical styles. In addition to diverse performance experiences, extensive classroom studies are offered in theory, analysis, arranging, composition, conducting, history, electronic media and other areas to produce a well-prepared, sophisticated musician. Admission to this program is by audition. Interested students should contact the UT Music Department and arrange an audition and interview.

 The Jazz Minor

Students electing to pursue the jazz minor must consult with their major adviser and music adviser to see that the necessary coursework is included in the total number of undergraduate courses taken. Students outside the College of Communication and the Arts should ensure that the Minor in Music is an approved program within their college.

Instrumental Jazz Studies Certificate

This program acquaints students with jazz band literature and introduces them to improvisation techniques. Jazz arranging and jazz history are also included. Music education majors may earn the Instrumental Jazz Studies Certificate by completing only 23 hours beyond the BME.

Jazz Ensembles

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