College of Communication and the Arts

Concert Chorale

Concert Chorale, MUS 3140-001, is an auditioned choir! We may waive an audition to any singer who sang in the Ohio Music Education Association State Choir, not to be confused with the State Fair Choir. If you were in the OMEA Choir, you should indicate that on your audition form. If you have already registered for this class without auditioning, you will be required to audition on the first day of the semester. For audition details, visit the audition web page. You should report to the first class session for instructions. Chorale meets Monday through Thursday from noon until 12:50 pm. 

Freshmen must be able to attend all classes without class conflicts. Chorale sings on the same concerts as our other choirs and is often featured on other programs. Chorale sings advanced repertoire at or above Class A/AA levels. Like Women’s Chorus, Chorale may receive an invitation to sing on OMEA State Convention in Cincinnati. The same gown worn by Women’s Chorus is worn by Chorale. Men wear tuxedos. One or two hours of credit is available.

Last Updated: 6/26/15