College of Communication and the Arts

Men's Chorus

Men's Chorus may be taken for credit!

Men's Chorus meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-1:50 pm in Room 1019 of the Center for Performing Arts. Register for MUS 3180-001.

You will enjoy the class because:

  • You will receive one or two hours credit.  
  • You will sing under the expert direction of Dr. Steve Hodge
  • You will sing fun and challenging repertoire
  • You will go on a three-day tour at little or no personal cost
  • You will perform on three major concerts besides eight locations on tour
  • You will be part of the other 40-50 men who comprise this choir

Location: Class conducted in Center for Performing Arts
Contact Person: Stephen Hodge
Email: Phone: 419-530-4558
Department: MUSIC

Last Updated: 3/23/15