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The University of Toledo Women’s Chorus

What is the University of Toledo Women’s Chorus?

UT Women’s Chorus is a class that meets at 11:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour of credit.  The choir will usually sing two performances each semester as a part of the Choral Department Concerts Series with Concert Chorale and Men’s Chorus.  The three choirs will tour for one or two days during one semester a year.  If special performances are scheduled, extra rehearsals may be scheduled some evenings or weekends.  This will only be done with the approval of the chorus.

Membership is open to all UT women regardless of major. No audition is required; however, basic musicianship and pitch matching ability are checked.

Listen to "Sanctus" performed by the Women's Chorus

 What is the repertoire performed by the choir? 

Repertoire is chosen from the greatest music composed for women’s chorus over the past 600 years.  A wide variety of music is chosen from both the sacred and secular representing composers from J. S. Bach to Gwyneth Walker.  Some works recently performed include:  ‘Kyrie’ from Missa Brevis in c minor by Imant Raminsh,  ‘Ching-A-Ring-Chaw by Aaron Copland, and  ‘Duet For Two Cats’ by Gioacchino Rossini.

Are there solo opportunities?  


Is special concert dress required? 

Yes.  A special dress is required.  The cost is around $100.00. Dresses may be ordered from Stage Accents,  234 Industrial Parkway,  Northvale, NJ  07647.  The phone number is 800-631-1611.  The dress – ‘Dahlia’ #8864.  Cost - $55.00 plus shipping. See the dress.

If you have any questions, please contact the Music Department office 419.530.2448.  The Women’s Chorus is growing in both size and stature.   Please consider being a part of it!

Last Updated: 6/26/15