College of Communication and the Arts

Master’s in Music Education Degree Checklist

Consult UT Catalog for course descriptions. []

1.Coursework: 36 credit hours minimum [select electives with approval of advisor]
        MUS 5900 [3]
        MED 5360 [3]
        Education Core Courses:  9 credit hours. [Complete in first semesters of study;
        see catalog for core courses that apply]
                a. Cultural Foundations (TSOC)
                b. Research Foundations (RSEM)
                c. Psychological Foundations (EDP)

       Music Education Electives: 6 credit hours
       Music Electives: 10 credit hours
       Ensembles: 2 credit hours

NOTE: submit Plan-of-study by the completion of 15 credit hours.

2. Project or Thesis [three credit hours]:
           a. Project Notice Form
           b. Human Subjects Committee Approval
           a. Thesis Notice Form
           b. Human Subjects Committee Approval

3.Comprehensive Exams [Departmental]:

4. End of Degree Paperwork:
        3.0 GPA minimum
        Application for Graduation [see deadlines from graduate school]
        No PR’s on transcript

Last Updated: 3/23/15