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What's a Talkback?

Photo of the talkback discussion for The HothouseSo just what is a TALKBACK? It's not sass! Although, it could be. After certain theatre performances - usually opening night - we bring the Cast, Designers and Directors of the show back out on stage for an informal discussion with the audience. If you found yourself puzzled and scratching your head during a show, this is your chance to ask, "Why'd you do that?" or just offer your feedback on the performance - good or bad. We want to hear it! It's also a great way to hear from the directors about their concept for the show and why they approached the show the way they did. Ask an actor about the challenges of their role. Ask whatever you like. A Talkback is the perfect opportunity to get the inside track on what goes into every show! Oh yeah, and there are FREE refreshments too! So join us and TALKBACK!


Talkbacks for the 2013-2014 Season

(Talkbacks always immediately follow the performance on the dates below)


OUT TO LUNCH - November 15

CABARET - April 4

Last Updated: 6/26/15