Theatre and Film

Frequently Asked Questions about Department of Theatre and Film Scholarships

1.      Who can apply for UT Department of Theatre & Film scholarships?

Any current student already majoring in Film/Video or Theatre may apply for departmental scholarships.  Only high school students may apply for C.V. Wolfe Scholarship. The various scholarships have specific designations, as outlined below.  Students applying for scholarships should be aware that selections are made based on academic merit, departmental service, and financial need. 


2.       What scholarships are available? What are the specific criteria for each of these?

The Department of Theatre and Film awards four different types of scholarships.  The amount for each of these is variable due to the nature of these endowments and their connection to the stock market, etc.  Please note the specific designations for each of these scholarships when applying.  

The C.V. Wolfe Scholarship is awarded to Ohio high school graduates within the top 15% of their class who demonstrate financial need and high academic promise.  The award is initially made to Freshmen, but recipients who maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 may apply annually to be considered for renewal of the award.

The Evelyn Weiher Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Junior and Senior Film/Video majors.  Recipients are chosen based on merit, academic achievement and service to the department.

The Sue S. and James F. White Scholarship is awarded to Junior and Senior Theatre majors.  Recipients are chosen based on merit, academic achievement and service to the department. 

The Wozniak Scholarship is awarded to any student majoring in Theatre or Performing Arts.


3.      When must I apply to be considered for scholarships?

Applications for the upcoming academic year are due by March 26.


4.       How do I apply for these scholarships? 

You may obtain an application form from the Theatre and Film Department main office (PA 1030). You may also download one of these application forms

Complete the form and return it by the designated date to the Department of Theatre & Film office, (PA1030).  Instructions for mailing the application are on the form.  Be sure to attach any noted supplemental materials.  INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! 

Last Updated: 6/9/16