College of Communication and the Arts

Requirements for B.A. in Film

A minimum of 35 semester hours required of the Bachelor of Arts in Film/Video
is to include the following:
Take the following (12 hours): 
   FILM 2310   Film I   3 
   FILM 2320   Video I   3 
   FILM 2340   Critical Approaches to Cinema Studies   3 
   FILM 2350   Cinema History   3 
Select 3 Hours from: 
   FILM 3410   European Cinema   3 
   FILM 3420   Third Cinema   3 
Select 3 Hours from: 
   FILM 3370   Documentary Film   3 
   FILM 3380   Experimental Film   3 
   FILM 3390   History of Video Art   3 
Select 7 Hours from: 
   FILM 3310   Film II   4 
   FILM 3320   Video II   4 
   FILM 3350   Screenwriting   3  
   FILM 3360   Production Topic   4 
   FILM 3730   Directing for Camera   3 
   FILM 4320   Film/Video Workshop   4 
   FILM 4350   Screenwriting II   3 
Take 10 Hours of Film Electives 

Honors in Film/Video
Qualified juniors and seniors may apply to work for Honors in Film/Video. The following are requirements for entrance into the Honors Program in Film/Video:

3.3 minimum GPA in Film/Video courses
3.0 minimum cumulative GPA
12 hours completed in Film/Video

A student must have completed 9 hours of honors course work in film/video before beginning the thesis project. The honors topic and project are to be developed in close conjunction with an honors faculty adviser. A student may enroll for the thesis paper in FILM 4950 Honors Thesis for a maximum of six hours of credit. The designation "Honors" on the diploma will be given to students who receive a grade of A on the honors thesis and maintain a 3.3 GPA in film/video.

Last Updated: 6/26/15