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Zeiss Axiophot Inverted Phase/Fluorescence Microscope with Laser Tweezers

Phase contrast microscopy is a contrast-enhancing optical technique that can be utilized to produce high-contrast images of transparent specimens such as living cells, microorganisms, thin tissue slices, lithographic patterns, and sub-cellular particles (such as nuclei and other organelles).

The phase contrast technique employs an optical mechanism to translate minute variations in phase into corresponding changes in amplitude, which can be visualized as differences in image contrast.

A major advantage of phase contrast microscopy is that living cells can be examined in their natural state without being killed, fixed, and stained. As a result, the dynamics of ongoing biological processes in live cells can be observed and recorded in high contrast with sharp clarity of minute specimen detail.




SUIT-2 cells in exponential growth Transfection of A549 cells with GFP


Last Updated: 6/9/16