Higher Education Program

HESA Internship Presentation

This past Friday, HESA: Higher Education Student Association hosted a professional development workshop.. The workshop focused on internships in higher education, and was led by Quintin Veasley, Arielle Weaver, and Alexandra White. It took place in the beautiful, spacious, and comfortable I-Care Center room of Ottawa East.
This was an excellent, informative, carefully thought-through and carefully organized workshop! Congratulations HESA! These learning experiences are invaluable, and those few of us who were in the room learned a lot. Quintin, Arielle, and Alex did a wonderful job discussing ways of acquiring Internships, and going through the experience in the most beneficial ways. All three applied for and acquired Internships this past summer: Quintin at Georgetown University (Washington D.C.), Arielle at Webster University (St. Lois, Missouri), and Alex at Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA). Their highly professional presentations, their eagerness to impart the importance of doing an Internship, and their desire to help were remarkable. They also brought undergraduate students who were interested in the Higher Education program, as well as 2 current student affairs professionals.
All of you should join HESA’s future workshops. They are a rare opportunity to learn and get guidance. Their next workshop, is on November 8th and will have higher education professionals as guest speakers.

Arielle presenting on Webster University 


Alex presenting                    Alex talking about OFSA at Lehigh University 

 Quintin Quintin presenting on Georgetown University

Last Updated: 6/9/16