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Pamphlets and Brochures

Please click on any of the topics below to see the variety of brochures and pamphlets that we have on each topic.  One copy of the specific pamphlets and brochures within each topic may be requested by e-mailing or by calling Dr. Barbara Kopp Miller at (419) 383-4289.

Disease/Illness & Coping
Grief & Bereavement
Health Promotion/Wellness/Injury Prevention
Programs & Services for Older Adults
Legal Matters/Elder Abuse
The Senses
Mental Health/Mental Well Being
Nursing Home/Adult Day Center


Nursing Home / Adult Day Center

About Choosing a Nursing Home
About Entering a Nursing home
About Paying for Nursing Home Care
About Visiting a Long-Term Care Facility
Adult Day Centers
Assisted Living - What to Look For
Choosing a Long Term Care Facility
Dealing With the Guilt After a Difficult Care Decision
Helping Someone Move to a Long-Term Care Facility
Hiring a Home Helper
The Nursing Home Decision

Last Updated: 3/31/17