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1.1   This organization shall be called Delta Nu Chapter of SIGMA PHI OMEGA, ACADEMIC HONOR AND PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY IN GERONTOLOGY.
1.2 The purposes of the Chapter shall be to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, and excellence in gerontology and aging services, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in these areas.


2.1   The Society shall consist of student, faculty, alumni, professional, and honorary membership.
1.2 The student membership shall consist of the following academic levels:
2.2.1   Candidates for a baccalaureate degree in a gerontology/aging professional field of study. (Related field of study means a concentration in gerontology or aging studies but may not be the primary degree).
2.2.2   Candidates for graduate degrees in gerontology or related field of study.
2.2.3   Candidates for award of certificate in gerontology or aging studies.
2.3 The alumni membership shall include the following:
2.3.1 Those individuals elected into the Society while they were students.
2.3.2   Those individuals elected into the Society after graduation because membership into the Society was not available while they were students.
2.4 The professional membership will include those persons who:
2.4.1 Possess at least a baccalaureate degree;
2.4.2 Did not have a chapter to affiliate with while they were in school;
2.4.3   Meet or exceed the criteria for membership as specified in Section 2.2 of these By-laws.
2.5   Alumni members and professional members shall have all the rights and privileges of active membership including the right to vote and hold office.
2.6 Charter members of the chapter shall consist of all members who were elected to membership within one year of the date the initial chapter charter is granted.
2.7 Honorary members shall be as follows:
2.7.1 Honorary membership in the Society shall be restricted to those who have given evidence of distinguished scholarship, rendered distinguished service to the field, and/or have been elected to such membership in accordance with the provisions stated in the By-laws.
2.7.2 Honorary members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.
2.7.3   Nominations for honorary membership shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of the Society. A two-thirds vote of the Executive Council is necessary for an affirmative decision.


3.1   Notice of selection for membership shall be made in writing by the chapter president.
3.2 Candidates for membership shall be initiated by the chapter, using procedures established by the Society.
3.3 A membership certificate and pin shall be presented to each member to be displayed in recognition of his/her meeting or exceeding the high standards of the Society.


4.1   The chapter officers shall consist of a president and secretary-treasurer.
4.2 The Executive Committee shall consist of the chapter officers and three representatives from the chapter, including alumni and professional members. The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the chapter. It shall transact business relating to the chapter as a whole between meetings.
4.3 The president shall perform all duties as usually pertain to the office of president. The president will appoint all committees except the nomination committee, which will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
4.4 The secretary-treasurer shall keep and distribute the minutes of meetings, correspond with the Society through the faculty contact person and execute related duties pertaining to the office as assigned by the Executive Committee including maintaining appropriate records, compiling necessary reports and disbursing chapter funds.
4.5 The chapter secretary, through the office of the chapter contact, shall report the names and addresses of the chapter officers after each election and whenever there is a change for any reason. The secretary shall also send an annual report to the Headquarters office including the chapter calendar of events, roster of membership, and any other information requested or considered relevant to representing the success of the chapter in serving its membership and the purposes of the Society.
4.6 The chapter secretary shall submit summaries of chapter activities to the Headquarters for publication in the newsletter.
4.7 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for planning an activity calendar for the year, which is distributed to all members. There will be an installation of members at least once each year. Each academic term, the chapter will have at least one meeting at which scholarly presentations are made as well as opportunities for social discourse and personal development.
4.8 The chapter shall have a designated contact person who shall be responsible for overseeing all correspondence between the Headquarters office and the chapter.
4.8.1 The chapter contact must be a faculty member of the Society.
4.8.2 The chapter contact will receive and transmit all correspondence with the Society office.   The chapter contact may delegate the authority for correspondence to the chapter secretary or president; however, all correspondence must have the chapter contact's address. The chapter contact may not delegate responsibility for compliance with the Society and chapter Bylaws and procedures. The chapter contact or his/her delegate will both order and receive certificates and pins, and is responsible for distributing these to members in a timely manner, and in all cases within the academic term in which they are received.


5.1   The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nomination Committee at least two months prior to the annual meeting. The committee shall be composed of two members plus an officer as chair. Nominations from the membership may be placed on the ballot at the annual meeting. There shall be at least two nominees for each office to be filled. The Committee of members making a nomination should contact each nominee to assure willingness to fulfill the responsibilities if elected.
5.2 Chapter officers elected shall be notified immediately. They shall take office at the beginning of the chapter's new business year as defined in Article 8. They shall serve for the terms listed herein or until their successors are duly elected and installed.


6.1   The rules contained in the most recently revised edition of Robert's Rules of Order, shall govern the chapter in the conduct of its business.


7.1   An amendment to the Bylaws will require an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the active chapter members present.
7.2 All amendments shall be presented in writing at a chapter meeting prior to the one at which action will be taken.


8.1   The Chapter's business year shall be designated by the Executive Committee. Officers will normally serve their terms from June 1 - May 30 each year.


9.1   The Medical University of Ohio of Delta Nu of Sigma Phi Omega may be dissolved by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the current, active membership.
9.2 In the event of dissolution of Delta Nu, all chapter funds remaining after payment of debts shall be sent to the Headquarters for use at the discretion of the Sigma Phi Omega Executive Council.

Last Updated: 3/31/17